6 Proven Approaches to Motivate Employees

You believe in your company profoundly. There is always a passion burning head strong inside you which motivates you to work harder each day. But can the same be said for your employees each day?

Is your Reward and Recognition Program really effective?

Reward and Recognition programs have emerged as an important tool for enabling organizations globally, enhance engagement levels, and in-turn, drive the culture. Checkpoints are important to evaluate how relevant your Reward and Recognition program is in today’s context.    

Peoplecart recognized as Top 50 Startups to work for 2017

  To enable employees accomplish their possibilities’ is the product road map of Peoplecart, a provider of Performance, Recognition & Employee Engagement SaaS for modern workplaces. The company that helps its clients drive their employees to excellence also applies this mission philosophy with same passion, if not more, for its own employees. This futuristic company...


Performance Management Shifts in 2017

With the changing workforce, the days of traditional performance management are left behind. A recent survey reveals that today 75% of corporates either have already switched or are in the transition phase or are planning to switch to a more modern performance management practice in order to boost employee engagement and drive productivity.

Re-energising your Rewards & Recognition Programs

R&R has emerged as an important tool for enabling organizations globally, to proliferate desired behaviours, enhance engagement levels and in turn drive the culture. Statistics show that less than 30% of organizations have a structured framework and only 14% have provided their HR managers with technology driven tools to manage the frameworks. When a chosen...