What is Employee Empowerment and why does it matter?

Here is everything you need to know about employee empowerment, its types, how it can benefit your company, and more.


A Buyer’s Guide to Employee Recognition Software

Gone are those days when Rewards and Recognition was considered a nice to have component of an organisations HR strategy. Today it has emerged as a critical tool for enabling global organizations to enhance engagement, increase motivation, improve performance and drive organizational culture. However, to make this happen, it has to be strategically designed &...


The Impact of Remote Work on Employee Performance and the role of HR to alleviate the impact

How can HR leaders contribute to alleviating the impact of remote work on employee performance? Keep the channels of communication open Provide support to enhance employee well-being Keep their teams engaged and productive Ensure work-life balance to enhance productivity Use technology to create efficient work processes   Learn how PossibleWorks can help you   COVID-19...