In our last blog –“Work life balance is a lie” we stressed upon the fact that it’s important to be happy at the workplace and not really seeking so called Work life balance.

In the quest of organizations to make their work place a happier one, here are 5 tips that helps them promote the culture of happiness and positivity at workplace.

#1 Build a Culture of Recognition and Appreciation 


Just think for a moment “How to do you feel if someone appreciates you”. Appreciation is human’s most important need. A Simple note from the peers/ Managers makes employees excited and inspire them  to contribute to company-wide initiatives. Lack of recognition is being identified as one of the important reason for lack of motivation in the employees.

TIP–  Implementation of a A structured Reward & Recognition framework augmented by a technology platform.

#2 Empower your Employees


Give employees an opportunity to lead and take the ownership of their activities. It given them a feeling of belongingness and they feel empowered and trusted. Employees who feel trusted and respected in the company tend to become brand ambassadors and remain with company for longer.

TIP– Designate Mini CEO’s for different business areas, empower and make them accountable for outcomes.

#3 Create an Individual Development Plans (IDP)


IDP means having one on one interaction with the employee and creating a short term and long term development plan. IDP defines objectives, goals, timeline and milestones. It is a win-win  situation for both the Employer and the employee as it helps employee to grow and enables organizations to fully utilize their workforce potential.

TIP–  Adopt an Objective and Key Results framework.


#4 Use Real Time & Continuous Feedback as a Mentoring Tool


Continuous feedback is essential for any progressive and Happy workplace. A culture of honest and open feedback, aiming at continuous improvement should prevail. Well structured feedback mechanisms ultimately takes a company closer to its goals and helps in creating positive workplaces. 

TIP– Organize formal and informal sessions aiming at providing constructive feedback and hearing out the concerns/challenges

#5 Create Touchpoints for Employees to Interact more 


Having friends at office just makes the work more fun.  Create opportunities for employees to interact with each other, share experiences and every day stories. It could be outbound trips, team outings for lunch or attending some knowledge based events. It helps in team building and establishing trust and credibility. Social interactions are important for overall well-being.

TIP– Surprise your team by holding your next meeting at their favorite lunch spot.

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