Gartner predicted way back before the concept of gamification was largely applied, that over 70% of Forbes Global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application by 2014, and 25% of their day-to- day business processes will be using aspects of gamification.

Organizations, globally, have started adopting Gamification techniques over the last 3 years to increase employee engagement and performance at workplace. Gamification takes the essence of games attributes such as fun, play, transparency, achievement, competition, addiction and applies these to relevant processes and tasks to drive productivity and work place improvements.

Employee Engagement

Gamification is also used for improving employer branding and customer retention. Gamification tools can develop innovative measures to gather feedback from the customers, understand their engagement points and gamify their interaction with the brand to increase engagement and loyalty. One of the most common gamification techniques used by organizations in this regard is loyalty points. Most of retails chains, airlines and others use this technique extensively.

Gamification also indirectly induces integrity and collaboration. Employees strive hard to excel towards the common goal of organization, as they are continually reminded of it through innumerable games mechanics and activities. It provides ample opportunities for organizations to engage both their internal and external customers. A lot of organizations have started deploying gamification as a means to solve their critical business problems.


Peoplecart Gamification track leverages new gamification techniques and engages with the workforce on a continuous basis. It has been designed to drive focus on KPI’s through a reward program bundled around a set of gamification rules.

The users can set KPI’s along with their underlying parameters, set targets and define averages. Real time monitoring of performance improvement through team ranks, groups or individuals on the basis of the KPI scores helps improve performance.

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