Every employee’s individual performance contributes to the organization’s overall performance. That’s the reason more and more companies today are continually looking to improvise their techniques in measuring and evaluating employee performance. Employee performance management, therefore, becomes critical as it aligns the workforce and their individual goal with the broader organizational goals and mission.

“More than 80% of organizations are considering making a major change to performance management, or already have.” – Gartner, 2019

The reason for dissatisfaction with the traditional performance management system lies in the fact that most companies considered annual reviews and appraisals as a good idea to evaluate the performance of an employee. However, The modern day leadership teams see their fair share of managing company culture with both in-house and remote teams. Organizations constantly want to get one step ahead at measuring and evaluating employee performance and automate to make it a continuous process to achieve goals.

In this eBook we will learn about
  • Employee performance management system (PMS)
  • Purpose of a PMS?
  • Pain points of your current PMS
  • Key elements of a Performance management system
  • Deciding factors while investing in a Performance management system
  • How to build a business case for investing in a PMS
  • Benefits of implementing a Performance management system

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