Innovation in a business or organizational context, is a way of thinking, doing and communicating differently with the quest of deriving continuous improvements.

It is more of cultural intervention than an operational process as it is largely driven by the thoughts and action of your employees. Hence, in order to imbibe Innovation in organizational DNA, it requires the entire workforce to internalize the tenets of innovation and practice the desired actions repeatedly till they become a habit.

Know the 4 simple ways to start your Innovation journey at organization level. 


Also, Innovation is most commonly in today’s times wrongly confused with Ideation. Ideas provide the spark, an important stage in the evolution of any innovative outcome, however it can’t be classified as innovation if the process stops here. And that is why Peoplecart calls it the Spark 2 Sparkle © 

Spark 2 Sparkle ©, S2S by Peoplecart is an integrated web & mobile platform that enables organizations to drive innovation through the entire journey from the initial idea (Spark) to the commissioned project (Sparkle). Enroute this journey of sustained workplace innovation, the platform allows the configuration of a variety of gamification rules that help in achievement of multiple interim milestones that are crucial to the final outcome.

S2S aligns its architecture & process with each stage of evolution that emerging sparks need to necessarily go through, to emerge as a sparkling outcome.

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